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Archive: Rob on Billy Ray’s Infinite Fringe!

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In case you missed it, Rob’s March 25, 2018, appearance on Billy Ray’s Infinite Fringe radio show is now archived. Check it our because hour one was prerecorded and did not air on Truth Frequency. To listen to the full two hours click image:

New Podcast! Rob returns to the ADX-Files!

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New podcast! Listen to Rob talk movie symbolism during his second appearance on the ADX-Files! To listen click banner:

Rob on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland

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December 10, 2017: Rob is currently featured on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland (Unknown Country) talking Cinema Symbolism 2! To listen to this podcast click image, and make sure to subscribe to hear the rest of th interview!

Archive: Rob on End of Days Radio

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Rob’s May 6, 2017 appearance on End of Days Radio is now stationed on YouTube. Listen to Rob talk Freemasonry, The Royal Arch of Enoch, Cinema Symbolism, Cinema Symbolism 2, the Tarot, Gnosticism, and other interesting arcane topics. Check it out!

Brand New Podcast – Cinema Symbolism – December 5, 2014

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Listen to Rob dissect The Exorcist, Black Swan, and The Matrix among many others on The Crazz Files – a brand new podcast! To listen to this show click image: