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A Fireside Chat with Vadim Shegalov and Robert W. Sullivan IV (conducted May 16, 2023 – English & Russian versions part I)

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In this brand new conversation, Rob Sullivan and Vadim Shegalov discuss JFK’s missing brain and assassination, Crowley’s gematria, Hollywood movies and TV shows as prophetic visions, astrology, and other uncanny estoerica. Check it out!

Russian dub:

Deleted interview re-emerges – Vadim Shegalov speaks with Rob Sullivan

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Originally recorded in the Spring of 2022, this interview was deleted by YouTube when it terminated Vadim’s old channel last summer. Here it is in English, restored once more to YouTube. Incredibly popular in Belarus, the Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Turkey, China, Canada, the UK, Hungary, the US, Germany, France, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, Rob and Vadim discuss movie symbolism, the occult, and other fascinating topics – check it out!

The finality of the rubedo…

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Or, in this case, the rubedo is the nigredo.

Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil. From Cruella (2021)

2/21/15 Spirit Radio now on YouTube!

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Rob’s February 21, 2015 appearance on Spirit Radio is now on YouTube. Listen to Rob discuss his latest book, Cinema Symbolism. Check it out!