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Rob’s April 20th, 2023 appearance on The Outer Realm is archived on YouTube. The video is below, or you can click the banner to listen on the always popular SoundCloud. Rob discusses 9/11, occult Hollywood, and JFK’s missing brain.

Strange Planet

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Rob returns to Richard Syrett’s Strange Planet podcast to analyze occult symbolism in film, movies like Halloween Ends (2022) and Pearl (2022), and to identify the location of JFK’s missing brain. Watch now this most excellent show!

Archive: Rob on Dark Outpost, December 16th, 2022

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Listen to Rob talk the JFK assassination, conspiracies, occult movie symbolism and techniques, and JFK’s missing brain in this brand new Dark Outpost podcast from earlier today (12/16/22). If you missed it, check it out posthaste!