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New Facebook Fan Page – GO LIKE!

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As some of you have noticed I have a new Facebook Fan Page.  It was too difficult to maintain three pages so I deleted them and replaced them with one for me as a Public Figure-Author.  Please go and LIKE this new Facebook page which is updated daily with all things Rob; click image now to become a Fan:

Archive: Rob’s 2018 Halloween Special

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Rob’s 2018 Halloween Special is now stationed on YouTube.  Listen to Rob analyze The Shining, The Exorcist, and Poltergeist on the Den of Lore. Enjoy!

Rob on Hyperspace

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Join Rob this Friday night, November 2 (All Souls’ Day), when he will be on KCOR Digital Radio on Hyperspace! Program debuts live at 9:00 pm PT (midnight EST). To listen click image:

Update: Masonic-Halloween-Illuminati Special

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Rob will be live Halloween night, October 31, 2018, talking Freemasonry, Horror Films, Samhain, and other esoterica with Chris George Zuger on the Den of Lore! Program debuts at 8:00 pm EST and streams via YouTube; to listen click image:

Rob on the Occulture Podcast!

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Brand new show! Listen to Rob talk A Pact with the Devil, The Royal Arch of Enoch, and Cinema Symbolism on the Occulture Podast! To listen to the full show, please become a member on Patreon.

NHK Japanese World Television

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Coming summer 2018: Rob on NHK Japanese World Television…..stay tuned!

Update: April 29, 2018: Busy, busy, busy….

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An update to all my fans, those that read my books, and follow on social media: I have been very busy here of late, working on five books at once (one commissioned) and other things as well – such a case involving legal representation that I could never have dreamed of! Know that I fully plan on returning to radio-TV in the near future…..stay tuned! – Rob