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Dark Sun Rising

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Rob returns to the airwaves this Monday night, March 23rd, 2020, when he will be a guest on Dark Sun Rising. Program debuts live on the Para-X Radio Network at 10:00 pm EST, streaming across the internet globally. To Listen, CLICK IMAGE:

Radio: Rob on Open Canvas, Monday Night, May 15, 2017 – Tune In!

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Join Rob when he will be live for two hours this Monday night, May 15, 2017, on Open Canvas airing on Revolution Radio (, Studio A. Hosted by Amadpainter and Mark Eddy, show debuts at 10:00 pm EST. To listen click banner:

Print Edition of Cinema Symbolism 2 is now available!

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It’s alive! 668 pages of Hollywood Occultism is at your fingertips! The Print Edition of Cinema Symbolism 2: More Esoteric Imagery in Popular Movies is now available (eBooks about a month away); get your copy today! Click retailer to purchase:

The Royal Arch of Enoch #1 on Amazon

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The Royal Arch of Enoch is #1 on Amazon in FreemasonryNew Releases! Click image to get it today! (eBooks-Nook-ePub-Kindle editions coming February 2017).

December 23, 2016 Update

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Update: On December 22, 2016, I submitted the paperback Second Edition of The Royal Arch of Enoch to the printer-distributor for release, which will occur in approximately 2-3 weeks. Shortly thereafter, Cinema Symbolism will be re-released, as well as eBook versions of both books. I sincerely apologize for the disruption to the sale of my books, especially over the holiday season, but please understand this disruption was unavoidable and necessary. Cinema Symbolism 2 is still on schedule for a February-March 2017 release, with A Pact With The Devil coming later in 2017. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Winter Solstice, Kwanza Greetings, and Happy Holidays to all! – Robert W. Sullivan IV, Esq.

First Look: “A Pact with the Devil” Book Cover

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Here is your first look at the book cover for my first work of fiction, A Pact with the Devil, coming in 2017! Furthermore, a major announcement is forthcoming regarding my books. Stay tuned!

New Twitter Handle @RobWSullivan4

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New Twitter handle – @RobWSullivan4. Click banner to follow: