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New Podcast! Rob returns to MythVision analyzing the Occult Secrets of the Bible!

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Brand new show – Rob returns to the MythVision Podcast discussing Astrology, Astrotheology, Freemasonry, and The Royal Arch of Enoch! CHECK IT OUT!

Rob will be live on the Jim Paris Radio Show Sunday, September 24, 2017 at 10:00 pm EST!

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Tune in this Sunday evening, September 24, 2017 when Rob will be live on the Jim Paris Radio Show. Program debuts at 10:00 pm EST on the Genesis Communications Network; to listen to this show click image:

Conspirinormal Podcast Episode #108

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New Radio! Rob returns to Conspirinormal discussing the Knights Templar, Rosicrucianism, Shakespeare, Crowley, The Golden Dawn, Western Hermeticism, The Witch, and other occult topics in this brand new podcast. To listen to this program click image:

Rob talks Superman-as-Christ (Solar Savior) archetype in this excerpt from Far Out Radio

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Rob compares Superman to the Solar “Christ” Savior archetype in the excerpt from his April 17, 2015 appearance on Far Out Radio. This symbolism is evident in the upcoming Warner Brothers film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.