Fairy Tales

I am asked about these all the damn time, their hidden meaning, the astronomy and astrology; so, here is a little teaser from Cinema Symbolism 4. More radio coming very soon – stay tuned. Have a great weekend!

Disney’s lady in blue, or costuming the daybreak in 2015: the titular Cinderella (Lily James) “♫ lights the morning sky with burning love ♫” as Elvis Presley sang in a luxurious azure dress, for she is Ushas, the dawn maiden of the Hindus and Aurora of the Greeks. Her Prince Charming is the sun, ever seeking to make the break of day his bride, and how the envious stepsisters and the cruel stepmother are the clouds and the night, striving to keep the dawn and sun apart, frustrating coincidentia oppositorum, their happy ending.

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