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  1. Have finished Cinema Symbolism and almost done with Royal Arch of Enoch. Found them entertaining. But do have a question Mr. Sullivan. Throughout your books, you constantly refer to sun symbolism. I have no argument with you on that, solar symbolism is preeminent in mythology. But you never take the next step as to why solar symbolism is important. If you get a chance, you might want to read my book, Meridiana, the Widow’s story by Marianne. By the way, Mr. Sullivan, the Bible is a timeline…. you might be surprised what the ‘fable’ this solar Christ is telling us.

    If you write another cinema book, you might find this interesting. (by the way, in Star Wars we have Hans Solo). Hans Solo is John 1. Hans = John, and Solo = one)

    I use numbers (numerology) quite extensively in my book, and it brings to mind the movie The Godfather of several years ago. It is the last movie in the series, and at the beginning of the movie, Michael Corleone is receiving the ‘Order of St. Sebastian’ from the Church. The feast day of St. Sebastian is on January 20 or 120. As I state in the book, 120 is a code for the ‘end of time’. St. Sebastian (Sebaste) is also connected to the Gnostic John the Baptist, the Masonic patron saint. For Michael, it is the ‘end of his world’ for using the innocence of his daughter to further his corruption in moving into the secular ‘legal’ world. For that he is punished with the death of his daughter. But the movie also centers around the corruption of the church and Michael Corleone’s ‘good deed’ of saving the Church from financial scandal – for a price. He wants infiltration into the very heart of the Vatican through a very powerful, strange corporate entity that has worldwide connections.

    I will not go through a long digression of the movie’s symbolism, other than the point I was making about the significance of symbols and numbers. Knowing St. Sebastian’s connection to the number 120 at the beginning of the movie, gives a clue to the viewer as the story unfolds.

    In the American Southwest, the old Hispanic population has a secret society called the Hermanos or Los Penitentes, which started out as a Flagellant society. The Catholic Flagellant societies have a strange history, not only in their curious costumes, but often as a cover for gnostic sects.
    One thing that is amusing, like the comment in the Godfather movie about having a ‘pebble in my shoe,’ the Penitentes in the Southwest in one of its rites has an irritating grain of rice in the shoe. Be that as it may, along with many other interesting rites, the Penitentes also have a strange reverence for a skeleton carrying a bow and arrow and riding in a cart. The cart is filled with rocks. They call the skeleton Dona Sebastiana. Like the male St. Sebastian, she is associated with the bow and arrow, both iconic Sirius star and solar symbolism. However, in the case of Dona Sebastiana, she also has a cartload of rocks. That places her in association with the Constellation of the Wain or Wagon, in other words, the northern constellation of the bear, the cosmic pole or axis mundi. The cart is filled with rocks, signifying meteor or cometary devastation. Dona Sebastiana is definitely an ‘end of the world’ icon, and currently it is reported she is being associated with the growing Aztec death cult of Santa Muerte or Dona Bella Sebastiana. In her Santa Muerte phase, she also holds a scythe and globe in her hands (death and the world). Santa Muerte is a revival and return of the ancient and bloody Aztec religion; and it is coming to North America.
    The ‘Godfather’ says more than the public realizes.

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